Umbria by bike and along its paths

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Umbria by bike and along its paths
Among spirituality and nature, here we have the most beautiful and intensive Umbrian paths to explore on foot or by bike

In Umbria you can find some perfect places and itineraries for bike lovers and for those seeking their own inner well-being.

If you are looking for an intimate spiritual dimension of your mind, or if you want to spend your free time practicing your favorite sport, the green Heart of Italy is the perfect place for you.

We are actually living a time of waiting, where we have to stay at home, but when we can get back to travel it will be even more exciting to rediscover some routes and itineraries in the heart of Umbria, which cross woods and natural terraces, water and hills landscapes, places of history and spirituality. You have to walk these routes at the slow pace of your thoughts or pushed by the energy or by the sense of freedom of bikes.

The way of Saint Francis is an authentic path of the spirit and body to reach Assisi and Rome, retracing Saint Francis paces and finding his love message for the nature. A slow way to meet some people and to know some pieces that have been fed by the same life blood of the Assisi’s Saint.

The way of Franciscan protomartyrs is a circular path, well-marked and arranged in six stages, inside the territory of Terni and Narni which unfolds in a zone of Umbria where the beauty meets the holy, going through the Protomartyrs birth places and where Saint Francis used to preach.

But there are also other paths, many routes that saints and pilgrims used to walk, along which you can live a great intensity experience. The way of Light, for example, from Perugia it goes through Assisi, Deruta, Amelia, Orte up to Rome. The way of Saint Benedict from Norcia, it goes through Cascia and Monteleone di Spoleto, it brings to Subiaco and Montecassino, on the patron of Europe paces. The itinerary of Feminine Holiness from the north to the south of Umbria on the stories of saints and blessed, among whom Saint Clare and Saint Rita. You find these itineraries to better know the culture of the territories, reaching some monasteries, crypts, sanctuaries, parishes, venturing into secular woods or flanking spring water.

For bike and mountain bike lovers, Umbria does offer several paths to discover the most authentic and evocative places, but also the most typical villages and their artistic wonders. You can find, by bike or mountain bike, many itineraries overlooking the lake, just like that one who will take you by bike along the Trasimeno banks, or along flower surfaces and on high grounds which give you wonderful views, like the path through Sibillini Mounts and the three Castelluccio Highland, or in search of water landscapes like the river Nera valley and the Marmore Waterfall, where the Bike lane Assisi-Spoleto Marmore ends.

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