Spring in Valnerina - Market Exhibition

Spring in Valnerina - Market Exhibition

More than 50 stands, among exhibitors and producers of unusual plants, medicinal plants, pelargoniums, peonies, roses, orchids, camelias, rare plants and saffron, but also providers of services for greenery and garden machinery: from the 29th April to the 1st May the splendid medieval complex of St.

Felice's Abbey in the Narco Valley, in the Castel S. Felice area, is going to host the 13 th edition of " Spring in Valnerina", the market exhibition of nurse-gardening and gardening of quality. 

Beyond the exhibition, over the 3-days event, it will be possible to participate to conferences, debates and guided walks led by botanic experts, for the recognition of wild plants of Valnerina's wood. 

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