Silent Separation - exhibition of paintings

Silent Separation - exhibition of paintings

 From the 4th to the 20th August, the Corgna Palace in Città della Pieve is going to host the exhibition of paintings of Antonia Leonardi entitled “Silent Separation”. 

The exhibition presents a series of artworks made between 2016 and 2017 “where painting challenges the semantic categories by overcoming the borders of abstraction, informal and figuration.

It’s a Promethean style through which the artist speaks the language of mutation by crystallising the shape, or what remains of it, in something touchable but at the same time elusive (...) It’s an allusive journey into the absolute mystery, aware that art can push the thought towards the secret of an archaic memory”.


Born in Catania, Antonia Leonardi approached painting at a young age, thanks to her mother Lucia, painter and sculptor. Alongside the visual arts, she carried on her love for theatre and music, by entering an opera career. Meanwhile she took part in several collective exhibitions. In 2016 she held an important personal exhibition in Orvieto, at the Palazzo Dei Sette, entitled “The noise of silence”, whereas in 2017 she exhibited some artworks in the travelling collective exhibition among St. Giustino, Fabriano and Terni, “Cross-fades”. 

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