Sagrantino's Lands - Waiting for the Tour of Italy

Sagrantino's Lands - Waiting for the Tour of Italy

The appointment with the event devoted to Umbrian excellencies is getting renewed in the fascinating frame of St. Agostino's Exhibition Salon, in the heart of Montefalco: "Sagrantino's Lands" in this 2017 edition is bringing a touch of pink, waiting for the passage of the Giro d'Italia.


The market exhibition, on schedule from the 15th to the 17th April, is going to animate the streets of the village with tastings, excursions, exhibitions and ancient traditions for three days among art, flavours and nature.

Oil, cheese, cured meats, ceramics and fabrics will be the protagonists of the event that, also this year, is proposing again the section "Tasting Twins", which will present prestigious products belonging to the PDO's Italian scenery in conjunction with the Montefalco's Sagrantino.

The festival, falling in the Easter's weekend, also offers a series of appointments devoted to tradition: from the Ciuccetta's game to the more classical Easter's breakfast.

Beyond food and wine, importance will be also given to culture with classical music concerts in the Church Museum of St. Francis, to the beauties of the area through walks to discover the "Umbrian railing" and to art with a series of exhibitions. 

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