Republic of Cospaia

From February 1441 to June 1826, the Republic of Cospaia was a small independent territory.
It is currently a part of the municipality of San Giustino. The small area became independent when, in February 1441, Pope Eugene IV gave the territory of Sansepolcro to the Republic of Florence.
A mistake in the designation of the border was made, failing to include a small strip of land it in the Treaty that marked the boundaries. The inhabitants of Cospaia declared that they would not accept any authority. For years, the small communities provided for their own subsistence by growing tobacco, called the "tornabuona grass". For irrigation needs  an embankment was raised as a dam to create a pond. Cospaia's cultivation and trade of tobacco brought a degree of prosperity, but also a small invasion of smugglers, because tobacco was illegal in the Papal States.
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