Gubbio Science

Gubbio Science

The first edition of “Gubbio Science” is taking place in the Candles Town from the 30th June to the 9th July. 

The event, among conferences, workshops, activities in the squares for adults and kids, stands for companies, laboratories for young people, aims at creating a scientific pole able to become a reference point of new energies.

The schedule is divided in four sections: an international scientific conference on the topic of micro-energies, the International Summer School with English classes given by European and U.S. scientists, “Science on the square”, with many activities open to the public, all free of charge, thought for young people, lovers and curious, and the Technological Transfer, specific activities that will bring together the scientific world and the companies of the Umbria-Marche areas with educational meetings aimed at companies of the energy sector and the advanced tertiary sector.

The calendar also includes several initiatives for kids and families, among laboratories and fun. 


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