Forests and vineyards between Città Della Pieve and Orvieto

Difference in height
1600 m
103 km
This proposal connects two places rich in history such as Città della Pieve and Orvieto and does so for the most part along scenic roads with little traffic, therefore ideal for those who love road biking.

Departure point Città della Pieve
Arrival point Città della Pieve
Distance 103 km
Elevation gain 1600 m
Difficulty Difficult
Surface Asphalt
Bicycle types Gravel, MTB
To see nearby Città della Pieve, Selva di Meana, Allerona, Orvieto, Ficulle.


The route, which runs along the border between Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio, is characterised by two climbs: the one from Fabro to Monte Rufeno and the one from Ciconia to the Valico di Monte Nibbio. They are long, but do not present particularly severe gradients and are therefore very enjoyable. The first one runs almost completely through woodland. The second alternates stretches of forest with extensions of vineyards typical of this area.

Halfway along the route, at the end of the first long descent, you will pass at the foot of the Rupe di Orvieto. The advice is to carve out some time to climb up to the city centre, because this is one of the most beautiful places in the region.

In addition to the two long climbs we have mentioned, at the end of the route you will have to leave some energy to climb up to the centre of Città della Pieve, which is located on a panoramic hill on the border between Umbria and Tuscany. It's about 4.5 km without any challenging inclines, but you will already have 100 km in your legs...

The only recommendation concerns some stretches of asphalt that are not in very good condition.