2016 Umbria Endurance Lifestyle

2016 Umbria Endurance Lifestyle

Enthusiasts of horse riding can't miss out on this event. We are talking about Umbria Endurance Lifestyle that will take place in Umbria on the 18th December in Monteleone d'Orvieto with a calendar rich in appointments.


There will be the possibility to choose among different race categories: from the international category CEI1* to the international one for Junior & Young Riders CEIYJ 1* through the regional categories CEN B, CEN A, Beginners and Newcomers accepted as a valid step of the Umbrian Regional Championship. 

2016 Umbria Endurance Lifestyle promotes and enhances the excellence of the Italian and international endurance, thanks to the planned competitions that assure an undoubtedly wonderful performance also for visitors. 


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