Church of San Biagio - Porano

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Piazza Duomo 24 - 05018 Orvieto
In the 13th century the Parish church of San Biagio in Porano was mentioned by the Ratio Decimarum, the register of tithes collected by the ecclesiastical authorities.
Currently it appears very different from the original because of the numerous interventions on the structure.
In the church there are two frescos, depicting San Biagio and the donor, and an Annunciation of the Orvieto school of the fourteenth century. There is also a beautiful marble holy water font sculpted by Rutilio Laurenzi in 1608.
The church houses a relic of Fra' Paolo da Porano, the Franciscan coat of arms of his robe, donated by the neighboring convent of San Crispino, where the Brother is buried. In the sacristy there is a processional cross of the fifteenth century.

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