Palio of Doves

Palio of Doves

From the 27th July to the 31st August Amelia is going to host the historical re-enactments of the Palio of Doves, inspired by the ancient Amerini statutes of 1346.


The town is going back to the 14th century among historical parades, flag-wavers and typical flavours until the evening of the Palio, when the five districts (Collis, Crux Burgi, Posterola, Platea and Valli) are going to compete for the victory: on one side knights, in traditional costumes, are going to face in an enthralling racing horse, on the other side crossbowmen with their arrows.

Each district, furthermore, is going to set up performances in the most authentic spots of the historical centre and for the entire duration of the festival it will be possible to taste the dishes of the traditional gastronomy, such as Manfricoli. 


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