2017 Woods' Festival

2017 Woods' Festival

St. Francis of Assisi's Wood will be the first protagonist of the "2017 Woods' Festival", five days to discover some of the most beautiful areas of cultural interest in Umbria, among animals and species of rare and mysterious plants. 

FAI's jewel, on Sunday 9th April, will serve as a venue of funny laboratories for kids and families, as well as conferences and guided visits.

The event will start with a series of botanical experiments for kids, whereas for adults there will be the possibility to get to know wild herbs thanks to a naturalistic walk in the wood.

In the afternoon, instead, it will be the turn of the"Kids make-up artist", of the snack in the wood and of guided excursions.

Calendar of following appointments

14th May

Collestrada's Forabosco


28th May

Mola Casanova


4th June

Agrarian Foundation


18th June

Colfiorito's Park

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