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Easter in Città di Castello

Easter in Città di Castello

Città di Castello

The Procession of the Dead Christ, which takes place on Good Friday in Città di Castello, is a tradition which has been repeated for more than 800 years.

The lighting of the large "focolo" bonfire opens the procession which features drummers, representatives of the Arts, a magistrate with knights, the "capitano del popolo" ("Captain of the People", "capitano della giustizia" ("Captain of Justice"), and the "capitano del campo" ("Captain of the Field") with a group of soldiers, the "Gonfaloniere" as well as other participants in period costumes. The historic town centre's lights are turned off for the occasion and the procession is lit by "foco vivo"- candles, torches and the fire.



In Montone it's the return of the ancient tradition of the "Donazione della Santa Spina". The historical re-enactment dates back to 1474 when Carlo Fortebraccio, whilst in service of the Republic of Venice, having chased away the Turks who were threatening the Venetian coasts, received a thorn from the crown which pierced the head of Jesus Christ. Carlo donated this thorn to the people of Montone.

Easter Monday- 28th March


10.30 -  Piazza Fortebraccio, reading of the "Proclama" ("Proclamation"), arrival of the Conte Carlo Fortebraccio and his soldiers on horseback – historical procession;

11.30 – Mass in the Collegiata church celebrated by the Bishop;

15.00 – Medieval Craft Fair of Montone.



In addition to the traditional Good Friday procession, in Pietralunga the Easter celebrations continue with "La Tocciata", an ancient game which takes place on Easter morning in the town's piazzas. Competitors get into a circle, holding a hard-boiled egg and in turn, try and break their opponent's egg with their own; the player whose egg remains intact continues their turn, the other is eliminated from the game.



The Good Friday Procession, which is accompanied by the town band, leaves from the church of San Francesco at 20.30 and winds around the streets of the town's historic centre.


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