Traditional recipes



200 gr. peeled almonds
200 gr. walnuts
200 gr. peeled hazelnuts 
100 gr. pine nuts
100 gr. candied fruits 
300 gr. raisin
200 gr. flour 
200 gr. honey
150 gr. chocolate
The grated peel of an orange and of a lemon 


The "pangiallo" is a traditional cake of the Roman cuisine, but is also produced with a similar recipe in Umbria. 
It’s a typical cake of the Christmas period and has very ancient origins: indeed, it seems that it was born in the Imperial Rome when it used to be distributed during the Winter’s Solstice. 


Pour the honey into a pot and heat it in a boiling water bath until it gets liquid, then mix the orange and the lemon peel. 
In the meantime, cut into pieces the dried fruit and mix it in a bowl with candied fruits, the squeezed raisin (previously softened up in some water for about 30 minutes) and the chopped chocolate. 
Add the honey and mix. 
Later add the flour little by little and mix well until the whole gets compact. 
Shape medium-sized loaves and let them rest for a couple of hours. 
Prepare the icing by heating in a small pot the flour, the oil and the saffron dissolved in some water. Then add some other water to form a fluid batter which you can use to brush the small loaves. 
Bake for about 40 minutes at 180 degrees.