Why choose Umbria for your holidays? 

If you are looking for a tasteful journey, Umbria is a region of ancient culinary traditions which are often maintained, sometimes revisited: a combination of flavours, colours and smells to be discovered.

If you are a lover of nature and open spaces, Umbria is rich in parks and areas of natural interest, suitable for tours characterised by discovery and adventure: with centuries-old beech woods, deep caves, and mountains steeped in ancient legends.

Are art and history your passion? Each place in Umbria has its own unmistakeable identity, the result of millennia of civilisations that left behind thick layers of memories and timeless masterpieces: Umbrians, Etruscans, Sabines and Romans, followed by the great Medieval and Renaissance eras.

Between religious traditions and legends, sacred and profane, Umbria is the ideal destination to rediscover yourself: it is a land of balance, where a single fresco can capture a thousand different facets and moods.

Food and wine, sport, nature, culture or spirituality: whether it is a short weekend or a longer stay, discover the offers and come visiting us!