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Fishing in Valnerina

If you are an enthusiast of no-kill sport fishing, you can't miss out the exciting experience of being in contact with the Valnerina uncontaminated nature. 

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Ufficio informazioni accoglienza turistica
Via Cassian Bon, 4 - 05100 Terni

For all the fishing enthusiasts, Umbria offers a territory full of particularly precious naturalistic watercourses. The Nera River makes Valnerina one of the most interesting, suggestive and notable environments of the whole Centrale Apennine. 

The Regional Fishing Map (document where watercourses are classified in "areas", based on the occurring fishing species as well as on the environment features) attributes to the river section of the Nera River, overlying the town of  Terni, the name of Superior Area of the Trout, characterized by highly precious waters and environments of notable naturalistic interest.  

In these waters, the Fario Trout represents the principal fishing species: to safeguard this kind of salmon, the Umbria Region created a no-kill section on the  Nera e Corno rivers. This initiative encompasses alternative fishing initiatives compared to the traditional methods (through, namely, an artificial lure technique – fly or spinning) boosting the flora and fauna respect and protection. 

Fishing in the Valnerina no-kill sections is allowed only prior phone booking and just with the specific fishing permission (B license). In the Info-points premises, located in Borgo Cerreto, it is possible to find all the necessary information, the contacts of guides and instructors who will be able to make you take the highest advantage of your fishing day. 


For more information:

Unique number for bookings and information: 3926670810

Security Number and First Aid: 3926673372 – 3928463107