Chiesa di Sant'Andrea Apostolo

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Walking along via Cavour, just past the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, you'll find the church dedicated to St. Andrew.

In 1253, the Blessed Andrea Caccioli (1194-1254) who, tradition has it, got his frock from St. Francis himself, founded one of the first communities of Friars Minor here. The façade still boasts its Romanesque doorway, while the rosette was destroyed to make way for a window in the XVI century. The layout of the church is a Latin Cross and it has only one nave.
Inside you'll find a large painting on wood depicting the Madonna and Child with Saints (1508) done by Pinturicchio and commissioned by Gentile Baglioni. The crucifix on wood behind the XIV-century main altar is by an unknown local pupil of Giotto (XIV century).