Bastia Umbra

Church of San Michele Arcangelo - Bastia Umbra

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Ufficio informazioni accoglienza turistica
Piazza Matteotti, 18 - Loggia dei Lanari - 06121 Perugia
The Parish Church of San Michele Arcangelo of Bastia Umbra is located in the city center, in Piazza Mazzini.
The monument stands on the same place where once there were two oldest churches, one dedicated to Saint Anthony and the second to the Good Death. The Church of San Michele Arcangelo was built at the behest of Don Luis Toppetti, then parish priest in the town. The designer of the monument was the architect Antonio Bindelli. The consecration of the monument took place in 1962. Remarkable are the central bronze door, work by Umbro Travaglini, and two wooden statues representing, respectively, the Virgin and the Archangel Michael. Worth seeing is also the Nativity by Flavio Pancheri. Of artistic interest are the blades of the side altars depicting the Sacred Heart and Our Lady of the Rosary, both made by Edgardo Sketch. The faithfuls can see, inside the Baptistery, Our Lady of Sorrows by Vincenzo Rosignoli and Jesus Christ Crucified.