Villa of Boccaglione

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Piazza Matteotti, 18 - Loggia dei Lanari - 06121 Perugia
The Villa of Boccaglione is in an Etruscan area at south-east of Perugia. In the XVIII the Penna family ordered to built the Villa to the architect Piermarini, according to some art experts.
The neoclassical Villa was built on the remains of a pre-existing building dating back to the XVI century and it is situated on the plain under the hill of Bettona and it is one of the most important examples of lowland villa in Umbria. The Villa is formed by one main building with three floors full of interior and exterior decorations also includes several annexes such as the Church, the lemon, the stables area and service farmhouses. The gardens characterize the exterior of the Villa where a long driveway introduces to the courtyard in front of the Palace. Back of the Palace, it is a horseshoe-shaped park adjoing a forest and a small open-air theater.