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Glass diffusion, 10 years of the Glass Museum

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06 April-05 May 2019 
Tourist information and welcome office
Piazza Mazzini 10 - 06061 Castiglione del Lago
The Glass Museum of Piegaro, home of the ancient glassworks of Piegaro, which opened on April 18, 2009, celebrates 10 years of activity this year: for the occasion many initiatives will take place from April 6 to May 5.

The title "glass diffusion" attempts to explain the intent of the event: on the one hand the attention to the different techniques of glass processing such as melting and glass fusion, on the other hand the spread of this processing in different locations, in society, in the economy, in the human and historical events of these valleys.

Thanks to this anniversary, it was decided to physically "leave" the beautiful museum frame to go and trace the places, materials and protagonists that have marked the history of glass in Piegaro.

The schedule therefore includes a visit to the Orvieto's Dome to discover the coloured glass and mosaic tiles made by the glassmakers of Piegaro in the 14th century, a guided tour of the Piegaro village to discover the Confraternity of the Signoria dei Vetrai, a trekking tour through the woods of Piegaro, that has been the only fuel of the glassworks for centuries, a visit to Palazzo Misciattelli, the prestigious residence of the most famous and far-sighted owner of the glassworks in the 19th century, and, in conclusion, a day dedicated both to the testimonies of those who have worked and are still working in the glassworks, to the workers and the flasks' cladders, and to the institutions that will have the opportunity to draw up balance sheets and prospects for the future.

Each visit to and exit from the Museum will be accompanied by an initiative on site: many workshops in the presence of excellent master glassmakers, intended for adults and children, where trying to get to know and keep alive this ancient and noble art.  



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