Fossato di Vico

Vecchio Palazzo comunale e torre - Fossato di Vico

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Via della Repubblica 15 - 06024 Gubbio
In the Middle Ages the old Town Hall and the tower were respectively the gatehouse of the castle (which allows defensam in wall comunis de super et de suptus, as desired by the statutes) and its adjoining domus, integrated with unam domunculam pro stale custodum; to increase the defensive armament, every outgoing Vicar, after six months in office, left the City balistam et unam unam rotellam worth two gold florins.
Bartizan on the crest cum armis comunis et cum Griffin, Perugia, in a sign that domain and protection. Of all the hoardings that the Statutes want along the walls, with the same characteristics and purposes, it will keep this one example, that along the walls is also one of turres (already present in the acts of the mid-thirteenth century) handed down in number 14 from the oldest map fossatana to preserve, that of 1734.
The brick battlement appears next to the fourteenth century, while the last sturdy door is dated 1536, of which retains a panel, of the gothic entrance arch under which you can still see the hinges. This door, of which it retains the key, is guarded, as other ports of Moat, from custodes ad portas day and night.
Wax, armor, stantiam paleam et ligna were fomes by the Municipality and were paid from taxpayers, who also have to ensure pro bread wine et similis) still in the sixteenth preceding and following the submission to the Papal States in 1540. 
At Fossato these years were severely scarred by aggressions, betrayal, plagues and hardships of all kinds. As on other occasions in the past, Fossato in front which has always reacted with its legendary capacity for survival and defense.
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