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Urban trekking in Foligno

10 urban trekking itineraries in Foligno: discover Foligno and its environs on foot

Walking is a healthy activity, for both body and soul: walking through the historic centres of Umbrian towns is a wonderful way to admire and learn about the architecture and art of these places, as well as stay healthy.

If you would like to explore the neighbourhoods of Foligno, then spend a Tuesday or Thursday evening in this city when the Foligno Walks group meets at 8:30 pm for a walking tour. The itinerary changes each time to explore streets and neighbourhoods that even local residents may not be familiar with.

It is possible to participate in groups with moderate speed on a short trip (about 1 hour) or with regular speed on a long trip (about 1 h and 20 mins).

Foligno is well worth a visit, as its historic centre is one of the oldest in Umbria and has preserved many beautiful examples of places of worship and stately buildings. During your walk you will see many interesting areas, some of which merit further investigation. Among these is the Piazza della Repubblica, where the Cathedral of San Feliciano stands. Its secondary facade is an architectural jewel created by the masters Rodolfo and Binello, and dates to the year 1201. Nearby Palazzo Trinci is also well worth a visit for the series of early 15th century frescoes done by Gentile da Fabriano together with other artists. You cannot help but be drawn to what was once the church of the Santissima Trinità in Annunziata where you can admire a work of the 20th century said to be one of the best examples of art of its time, the Calamita Cosmica. It is a skeleton constructed of fibreglass, iron and Styrofoam, and it is 24m long with a width of 4m.

If you come to Foligno in June or September you will find the city transformed by the Baroque atmosphere of the Quintana joust, an historical re-enactment not to be missed.

For information about dates and itineraries, visit the Association's Facebook page Foligno Cammina.