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Unforgettable Umbria. Art in the middle between vocation and commissioning

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13 April-03 November 2019 
From April 13th to November 3rd 2019, at Palazzo Baldeschi at the Promenade in Perugia, a story about the late Twentieth century in Umbria through pieces of great artists which decided to live and to work here, during a season or during all their life long.

Sponsored by the CariPerugia Arte Foundation and edited by Alessandra Migliorati, Paolo Nardon and Stefania Petrillo, this art exhibition proposes various paintings and sculptures of over fifty most common international artists: including, Alighiero Boetti, Alberto Burri, Alexander Calder, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Piero Dorazio, Yves Klein, Leoncillo, Brian O’Doherty, Sol LeWitt, Beverley Pepper, Ivan Theimer and Giuseppe Uncini.
In this region, landscape and memory constitute an indissoluble value, for that reason many artists found here their dimension about their research, recognizing themselves on those places, or, simply seizing deeper that identity which they knew how to interpret and to enrich. What emerges is a very rich mosaic of attendance and a story full of density and occasions of exhibitions and a lot of interventions in area, often favorited from a forward-looking patronage.
From the wonderful Todi countryside were attracted, among the many, Piero Dorazio and Alighero Boetti; William Congdon, came from New York  after crossing all Europe, in 1959, with the conversion, He used to live during twenty years in Assisi; Giuseppe Capogrossi made lots of walls in the former Capuchin Monastery in Gubbio; Sol LeWitt chose his own house over Monteluco, in Spoleto, as an alternative centre of gravity from his own American residence. Even Yves Klein in the space of his short life had the opportunity to come to Umbria at least five times, leaving his extraordinary ex voto in the Santa Rita Monastery of Cascia. His ex voto, realized to invoke “the great beauty” on all over his masterpiece, is showed with a wonderful Monochrome also left three years earlier in the Sanctuary. 
They are only some of special guests that in this exhibition are going to stand alongside two greats Umbrian men: Burri and Leoncillo, two teachers that both started their research from a deep radication in the old culture of the region, even if they were very different each other from language and destiny.

UNFORGETTABLE UMBRIA. Art in the middle between vocation and commissioning is therefore a precious occasion even for discovering or retracing itineraries of a modern art widely spread in this region, often in a suggestive dialogue with the texture of historical centers or the unique settings of his landscape.

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