Umbria for spouses: discover the Camera Pinta in Spoleto

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Umbria for spouses: discover Camera Pinta in Spoleto

Located within the Albornoz Fortress, placed on the top of the hill overlooking Spoleto, the Camera Pinta is decorated with frescoes narrating Breton or Provencal poems. These poems have a strong power of fascination and all those who could admire them remain fascinated by them. Lovers who arrive to Spoleto can’t avoid to stop and see the Camera Pinta, namely the lord’s bedroom. Enchanted in front of the painted pictures on the walls, they remain astounded facing the exaltation of the courtly love represented in the short stories. A wedding in Umbria or a love weekend devoted to art is perfect for history and culture enthusiasts who wish to have this setting as frame of their love. 


Getting married in Umbria: art, history, culture

Umbria is often the destination for lovers who decide to get married immersed in culture and history. This region can boast several art cities, many small medieval villages and beauties that will conquer the intending spouses who chose these locations for their much-awaited special day. Getting married in inspiring places, dominated by tradition and art, inspired couples who chose for their weeding historical buildings such as castles, villas or palaces, so to getting married in elegant and unique settings.

For guests and the same spouses museums visits will mean getting lost for a moment by reliving the emotions of the time, such as the greatness of courtly love in the Camera Pinta. 


Wedding in Umbria: Norcineria

In your wedding banquet there will certainly be cold cuts and hams, essential products of each Umbrian self-respecting wedding banquet. The delicatessen, strongly connected to the Umbrian tradition, are seen not just a job but as an art, in a small district of the Region, Norcia. Norcineria, indeed, is the ancient art of preparing hams and cold cuts and it developed already in the Middle Ages in Norcia. Tastes, traditions and ancient trades turned into excellent products making your wedding banquet an unforgettable moment where you and your guests could savour unique tastes of the Umbrian tradition. 


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