Canyoning and rafting

Canyoning in Valnerina

A descent through pristine nature and massive limestone rocks.

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Are sport and adventure your passions? Are you looking forward for spring to find the most inaccessible views, so that you can sling and descend among mountains just with the help of your arms? Whether you are an expert or amateur of canyoning, gorges of Valnerina will suit your needs. 

Gorges of Pago are located in Scheggino. This area is famous for one of the finest Umbrian typical products: the black truffle. Take some hours out to make a tour among shops and workshops where you can buy it pure or in its several gastronomical applications.

The itinerary in the gorge of Pago delle Fosse is one of the most fascinating places of all Umbria and the combination of walking sections and steep descents make it an itinerary suitable also for (trained) beginners in their first descent.

To start the itinerary, reach the village of Ceselli, turn right crossing a bridge and take the first white small street on the right that leads to a wide plain that is the exit of the gorge. Come back then to the asphalt road and continue on the right side towards the mountain, until the village of St. Vito Mountain. At that point you almost reached the entrance of Pago Gorges.

Before starting the descent, remember to get the necessary equipment: two ropes long at least 35 metres, a wetsuit and footwear, a helmet, slinging equipment, carabiners, descenders, rucksacks and technical shoes.

Pago delle Fosse is a real canyon, deeply engraved on a pre-existing fault and reshaped by waters that today almost abandoned it, except in the highly rainy periods. The lack of water, though, is not a problem at all because the isolated and wild environment offers a primordial and suggestive atmosphere that makes this gorge the most spectacular one among the Valnerina gorges.

Walls of grey massif limestone will accompany you in the descent towards a flourishing vegetation, so creating a suggestive and exciting contrast that surprises one metre after the other. The first section of this descent is really something unique, its wilderness is very beautiful. Its second part, more sunken and humid compared to the first one, from which it is separated by a walking section, finishes beyond a cement piping suspended among walls.

The Gorge of Casco represents instead a classical descent of the Apennines Canyoning Circuit. Starting always from Scheggino and through a nice wooden accessing path, you can reach the gorge to discover the canyon, fauna rarities and breathtaking views over the Valnerina until Sibillini Mountains.

Always in Valnerina, in Vallo di Nera, in the Gorge of Roccagelli you can descend, with the help of the rope, seven waterfalls in rapid succession, the largest of which is 16 metres. The lack of deep bathtubs makes this gorge ideal for the modern canyoning.

Have fun!