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Todi Festival 2019

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24 August-01 September 2019 
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Piazza del Popolo 38 - 06059 Todi

From August 24th to September 1st is coming back the “Todi Festival”, an event  of theatre, music, visual arts and literature, that was consolidated in time like one of the most important cultural Italian meeting.

Building on the success of the last three editions, this Festival will keep the same line in terms of orientation prevailing in debuts and national premieres, in contamination between genres (theatre, music, dance, literature, digital art) and in the involvement of many unusual locations under which may entrust a dramaturgy, a composition or a projection specially thought for that space.
Todi Festival is confirming as a laboratory of experimentation for new projects, and as a springboard for new artists, national and international. It’s also a prestigious stage trodden from the most important names of Italian and foreign art.
With the aim of proposing a wide and varied offer, this Festival will not foresee show replication. Every day there’ll be a different schedule.
It’s coming back with some news the project Todi OFF: an unusual preview of contemporary theatre, orientated to the formation of public and artists for its own getting close to the theatre of the research. This project includes 8 days dedicated to the contemporary theatre, 7 shows including 2 unpublished, 7 meeting with people in which there’ll be a debate about shows of the day before, 1 critical observatory of the spectators formation, 3 workshop for  dramatists and artists, 1 laboratory of formation for critics and aspiring, 1 dedicated editorial.
It’s confirmed the opening at new ways of performative arts use: from itinerant and interactive theatre with site-specific performances calibrated against unusual places.
Todi Festival is like a widespread Todi telling in which spaces dress new shapes of narration and aggregation, able to involve some people more and more transversal in terms of majority or minority and in terms of major or minor familiarity with the articulated and fascinating world of performing arts.

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