Città di Castello

The Sanctuary of the Madonna di Belvedere

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The Sanctuary, where is venerated an ancient image of the Madonna, is located at about five kilometers far from Città di Castello, along the Apecchiese Road crossing the Apennines an reaching Adriatic Sea. 
The church is on the beautiful hill Caprano, today called Belvedere, and it was built in Baroque style in the years 1669-84 on the base of Antonio Gabrielli and Nicola Barbioni's design. It has an octagonal plant with four short arms, covered by a dome. In front of the entrance it stands a semicircular portico; inside the door you could admire the precious compass made by a skilled craftsman in 1883. Among the most important works housed inside the shrine, it's to be recommended the martyrdom of St. Vincent, painted by Giovanni Ventura Borghesi in 1699, placed in the right side chapel dedicated to the saint. In the back of the church the main altar dominates the inside where the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary is placed to. Over time the devotion to Nostra Signora del Belvedere was gradually increasing, and the shrine became one of the most popular Marian cities of the Central Italy, and his fame came to Rome, so that in 1703 the sacred image was solemnly crowned with license the Vatican Chapter. The square in front of the church is a wonderful view of the city, with its bell towers, and of the High Tiber Valley too, from the Mount Verna to Mount Sharp, near Umbertide.