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MTB - Train and bike, from Ponte Pattoli to Umbertide

Easy mountain bike trail, suitable for families, along the Tiber, from Perugia to Umbertide

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Difficulty:  Easy
Difference in level:  200 m
Distance:  24.5 km
This trail, almost entirely flat, can be considered the continuation of the one from Perugia to Ponte Pattoli, and if you're well-trained, you can do both on a single day as there is almost no altitude difference.
The trail will take you from Ponte Pattoli to Umbertine, but you can go back along the same route or by train.
The starting point is at the station in Ponte Pattoli, from where you will turn left towards the town centre. Turn left again and then after the bridge on the Tiber (km 1.2), turn right towards Migiana di Monte Tezio. Take another right at the church towards the sports ground and start along the Tiber valley, cycling among fields and woods at the foothills of Mount Tezio.
From there on, you can cycle in peace along flat gravel roads and almost traffic-free metalled roads, running along the river most of the time.
At kilometre 17.5, you will find the ancient Camaldolese Abbey on your left, dating back to 1000 AD, which is well worth a visit before continuing on the metalled road towards Umbertide, the destination of this trail.