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MTB - Train and bike, from Perugia along the Tiber

Easy mountain bike trail, suitable for families, along the Tiber starting from Perugia

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Difficulty:  Easy
Difference in level:  100 m
Track length:  22 km
Route description

This trail is truly suitable for everyone and starts from the outskirts of Perugia, riding on dirt roads along the river of the Tiber valley, offering fantastic views of the Tiber River Park

The 22 kilometre trail is entirely flat and the train+bike option is also available, as on the way back you can stop at one of the many stations (although you can also return by bike along the same route).

The trail starts in Ponte San Giovanni just outside Perugia, from where you will cycle upstream along the Tiber on a charming riverside path. From here, the next 10 kilometres are far away from traffic, surrounded by tranquillity. Once arrived at Ponte Felcino, you will have to ride on the road for a few hundred metres, but as you enter the educational wood, you will get back onto the riverside cyclepath up to Villa Pitignano.

Here you will have to use the road again for a few hundred metres, until you reach the other part of the cyclepath that will take you to Ponte Pattoli, far from the city and surrounded by greenery