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Easter in Pietralunga with "La Tocciata"

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21 April 2019 
In Pietralunga, Easter is celebrated with hard-boiled eggs.
The town square becomes a gaming arena where tradition and fun intertwine.

“La Tocciata” is an ancient game that consists of bringing home the largest number of intact eggs. 
For each round, 10 players and 20 boiled eggs are arranged in a circle. For those who have to choose the first egg players do a head count, then with a hard-boiled egg in their hand they tap on the opponent's egg. Players who remain with the intact egg continue the round.
The final big circle includes all the winners of the individual preliminary rounds and ends with the consecration of the King of Tocciata, who wins a basket full of local delicacies.

Curiosities: more than 1,300 eggs are boiled for "La Tocciata".
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