Traditional recipes

A delicious wild pigeon recipe: palomba alla ghiotta


Wild pigeon, or palomba
Red wine
Dried black olives
Sage leaves
A dash of salt
Lemon juice
Extra-virgin olive oil
Black pepper




After cleaning the meat and putting the innards to a side, roast the palomba on the spit or in the oven. Pour some oil and salt over it whilst placing a container underneath so as to collect the fat and juices that will drip from the meat.

In the meantime, cook the innards in an earthenware skillet and douse with red wine and vinegar, and add garlic and olive oil. You can add to the flavour by also adding half a lemon, rosemary, sage, and black olives.

Let the innards cook on a low flame for about three hours so as to let the liquids coagulate. Once it's ready, immerge the roasted palomba in the resulting thick sauce. Slice it up and leave it to cook for another then minutes.

Serve in bowl plates and accompanying the dish with toasted bread.