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PDO Spelt and typical mountain products' Market Exhibition

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Monteleone di Spoleto
05-09 December 2018 
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Via Giovanni da Chiavano 1 - 06043 Cascia

Each year Monteleone di Spoleto, an Umbrian village with a remarkable natural heritage, celebrates its patron saint with the ritual of "St. Nicholas Spelt". According to the tradition, the Saint, walking through Monteleone and struck by its inhabitants' misery, would have given the spelt to the village's poor people. The celebration includes, still nowadays, the repetition of this symbolic gesture, with the distribution of the Blessed Spelt to the whole population. 

From the 5th to the 9th December the city will host a series of events: celebrations, tastings including the local gastronomic excellences, conferences, music, theatre and the new edition of the POD Spelt and Mountain Typical Products' Market Exhibition

The event will be closed by the "Focone della Venuta" (The Coming Fire), remembering the passage of the Loreto's Madonna with the ignition of a big fire, amongst folklore and entertainment. 

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