Fountain in memory of the fallen of Ivan Theimer

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Corso Cavour 126 - 06034 Foligno

The Fountain in memory of the Fallen of Ivan Theimer is located in Don Minzoni Square in Foligno. It is a contemporary artwork renamed by Foligno inhabitants as “fountain of turtles”, because of the bronze tortoises located around the source. 

The fountain, born in place of the 17th century Rodati Palace, destroyed by the bombardment in March 1944, combines in a hourglass-shaped travertine block the bronze, the Guatemala stone and water. 
At its base there is the engraving “Everyone builds the victory of peace”. 
The artwork is the show piece of the Czech sculptor Ivan Theimer who is specialized in using bronze and generally he produces sculptures with a classical solid impact. The most important ones include the three obelisks of the Elysée Palace´s garden and a bronze high-relief for the façade of Paris’ National Archives. Foligno, beyond hosting the Fountain in memory of the Fallen, keeps another artwork of Theimar: the monument devoted to Giuseppe Piermarini.