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Matteo Ferroni, Luce in Africa (Light in Africa)

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22 June-22 September 2019 
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Piazza Matteotti, 18 - Loggia dei Lanari - 06121 Perugia
From June 22nd to September 22nd in Perugia will be a show about the project “Foroba Yelen, light collective for the rural Mali” created by Matteo Ferroni to illuminate villages of Mali.

The show, Light in Africa, has been inaugurated on Saturday June 22nd in the National Archaeological Museum of Umbria in Perugia. The show has been edited by the Perugian Architect Matteo Ferroni in collaboration with the Director Luana Cenciaioli and the Architect of the Museum Pole of Umbria, Fancesco Di Lorenzo. The show tells about the project “Foroba Yelen” (“Light Community” in Bambara, the language most common in Mali), internationally recognized as an innovative model of integration between technology, culture and nature, made to illuminate the life of rural communities of Mali. It will be a story through photos, videos, diaries, African artifacts from Antinori fund of the museum and a mobile lamppost original made by Ferroni for Mali villages.
As Ferroni says, “this is a space of light to welcome the group life that in the morning passes under the shadow of trees and to transform, in other words, the shadow of the tree in light. Like that, with an old bike, a LED and a moto battery I made the first mobile lamppost that I started to experience in the village I lived. The Impact, in the pratical and in the symbolic life, was impressive and the people of the nearby villages came to see it. The news broke immediately in the region and  many villages started to ask for some street lamps. So, in agreement with the local municipality, I made sure that local artisans began to replicate and to distribute them to the villages. To cover all possible villages I decided to deliver four mobile lampposts to any village which used to handle them alone, introducing a solution that has proved to be very innovative and functional compared to the conventional public light: the collective light. Lampposts were named Foroba Yelen that in Bambara means  collective light and it became the name of the project too”.
From 2010 to 2015, thanks to the support of the Foundation eLand created by Ferroni in Switzerland, were built over one-hundred mobile street lamps, distributed in twenty five villages of the Rural Community of Cinzana and become very quickly a working tool for many jobs, a structural equipment like fountains, mills, community vegetable gardens and even a ritual tool for burials and prayers.
The project has captured the international press interest and  It was awarded from Barcelona City in 2012, published from MoMa in 2013 and exposed  permanently at the Biosphere of Montreal from 2014.
Here we have the video of presentation >