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2019 International Descent of the Tiber

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Città di Castello
25 April-01 May 2019 
Tourist information and welcome office
Corso Cavour 5 - 06012 Città di Castello

The International Descent of the Tiber River, which will reach Rome in six days, is scheduled for Wednesday 25th April.

The formula, now in its 40th edition, will take place again this year: each participant will test himself with the chosen means of transport (on foot, by bike or by canoe) with his own time, discovering the territories of the Italian heart.

The arrival of the International Descent of the Tiber will be as always impressive, with the entrance by river into the capital on May 1.

During each of the days of the event you will travel by canoe and bike about thirty kilometres, while walkers will cover about half of the route supported by the shuttle bus.

The groups will meet every end of the day to spend the evening together with typical and organic products related to the territory. During the Descent there will also be the possibility to visit the historical and artistic sites located near the river.


You have time until 31st March to register for the International Descent of the Tiber or just for some of its stages:

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