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The Ring Race in Narni

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24 April-12 May 2019 
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Via Cassian Bon, 4 - 05100 Terni
Spring in Umbria combines well with one of the most important medieval events on the national scene, the Ring Race, through which Narni re-enacts the ancient splendours in honour of Saint Giovenale, the first bishop of the city.

It was the statutes of 1371 that definitively sanctioned the birth of the celebrations in honour of the patron, including rites, ceremonies and games.

Today the event lasts three weeks to culminate on the second Sunday of May with the famous Race to the "Campo de li giochi": the reading of the notice takes Narni back in time with the opening of the taverns, the Offering of the Candles, the Medieval Days and the Historical Procession composed of musicians, magistrates and inhabitants of the quarters who parade through the streets lit by torches.

There will be many new features in this 51st edition, scheduled from 24th April to 12th May: the schedule includes shows, exhibitions, banquets, medieval markets, themed days and many other events that have never been held before.

The program will be the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, keeping the roots and looking to the future.

The heart of the commemoration remains the equestrian challenge between the districts (Mezule, Fraporta and Santa Maria): each knight facing his opponent must thread three rings along an elliptical path and the third ring activates a device that makes the ring of the opponent fall late.

The winning district will keep the silver ring in custody until the next edition.

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