Avigliano Umbro

Church of Madonna dell'Annunziata

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Via Cassian Bon, 4 - 05100 Terni
Near Avigliano Umbro, just outside the village of Toscolano, there is the church of Madonna dell'Annunziata. It's characterized by a single nave in which, as the back wall, there is a shrine, decorated with frescoes attributed to the Renaissance painter Piermatteo of Amelia from Umbria.
It was discovered in 1985 and restored in 1989 with the intervention of the Sopritendenza alle Belle Arti of the Regione Umbria.
Inside, a large fresco is visible, a "Majesty", attributed by Federico Zeri to Piermatteo of Amelia (ca. 1481-83), in addition to many votive offerings donated to the church because of a plague.
Onto the front of the shrine, the cycle shows on the left an angel announcing the sheet, at the center the Padre Eterno in the form of a dove, on the right the Vergine Annunziata with opened book in the hand.