Church of San Francesco - Acquasparta

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In 1294 the church of San Francesco was built in accordance with the wish of the Venerable Brother Cardinal Matteo Bentivenga of Acquasparta.

Situated just outside the walls of Acquasparta, the church is built in the Franciscan "poor" architecture style. It's a very interesting example of the art of transition from Romanesque. Behind the apse of the church is a pretty little Franciscan cloister, the refectory and a part of the dormitories. Recently the cloister was restored by the Municipality of Acquasparta.

Inside there is a remarkable icon representing the Virgin and Child of the first half of the 14th century. It has always been invoked by the residents of Acquasparta as the Madonna della Stella. The image of this Madonna appears in the history of Acquasparta, especially during plagues, earthquakes, wars.

A copy of the famous Franciscan canvas painting depicting San Francesco and flanked by known episodes of his life by Margheritone of Arezzo, is also found in the church. The original Franciscan canvas is kept at the Uffizi, in Florence. The ancient wooden Crucifix (14th c.), brought to this church from San Giovanni di Butris, is noteworthy.