Parish church of San Lorenzo

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Piazza del Popolo 38 - 06059 Todi

The parish church of San Lorenzo is situated at the center of Collazzone, in front of the main square dedicated to Umberto I, recently paved in brick.

It was built between the 19th and 20th centuries where the keep of a castle once stood. The façade is characterized both by the beautiful rose window and by the decorations made up of local terracotta. Inside there are art works of remarkable interest, including a 13th c. wooden sculpture, polychrome, depicting the Madonna and Child. It's one among the finest examples of Umbrian Art. On the sides of the tabernacle two Angels, of local manufacture were added in the 15th century. On the right wall of the church, note a small but interesting 14th-century fresco depicting the Madonna and Child.