Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta - Allerona

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Piazza Duomo 24 - 05018 Orvieto
The parish church of St. Mary of the Assumption (15th century) is in the village.
Documented as Collegiate since 1275, on the threshold of the 16th century it was decorated with a precious table by Nicolò Alunno, representing our Lady of the Assumption surrounded by glorifying angels. Originally it had two side doors with the figures of St. John Baptist and St. Sebastian, that are currently located in the National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome.
Very interesting is also a fresco by Giovanni Antonio de' Sacchis, called the Pordenone, commissioned in 1516 by the widow of Bartolomeo from Alviano, Pantasilea Baglioni, representing the noblewoman herself as well as a Virgin with Saints.