Chiesa della Madonna della Maestà

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Piazza Duomo 24 - 05018 Orvieto
The oldest and certain information about the church date back to the reports of the pastoral visits at the beginning of 1600. At that time the church was already a center of great devotion and, in the document of 1616, was nominated for the first time with the name of Majesty "sub title Majestatis”. 

The title is undoubtedly linked to the depiction of the Madonna and Child on a throne of clouds, between Angels and Saints, painted on the back wall. The current appearance is the result of various and successive interventions: the small chapel of origin, enlarged in 1848, underwent a radical transformation in 1890 with the construction of a sister church. In 1926, the wall of division was broken down, the coverage of the two buildings was unified, while in 1980 it became necessary for the restoration and conservation reasons the Fresco detachment. The crown encircling the head of the Virgin - the visible one is a copy of the original gold - was donated by the people of the country, to gratitude for the unsuccessfull destruction after World War II. Near the sacristy there is a painting depicting Madonna Addolorata, situated in worship in 1799. The citizens of Ficulle have a very intense and particular devotion for the Madonna of Majesty celebrated every year on November 21, when crowds of devotees from neighboring countries, flock to the liturgical celebrations that take place continuously throughout the day.