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2019 Benedictine Celebrations

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23 February-21 March 2019 
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Via Giovanni da Chiavano 1 - 06043 Cascia
The celebrations in honour of St. Benedict, patron saint of Norcia and Europe, will begin on 23rd February with the lighting of the torch “In favour of Peace and a united Europe”.

This year the lighting ceremony is particularly significant: for the first time since the earthquake of 30 October 2016, exceptionally for this occasion, everyone will be given the opportunity to return inside the Basilica of St. Benedict and walk again on its floor that has been largely cleaned from the rubble.

On Wednesday 27th the torch will be welcomed and blessed by Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square and on Thursday 28th it will begin its European journey.

This year the 'light of Benedict' will illuminate the continent from Poland, from Krakow, the land of St John Paul II who has worked so hard for peace in the world.

The Polish program also includes a series of initiatives of high institutional and promotional value for the 'lands of St. Benedict', Norcia, Subiaco and Cassino.

After its return to Italy, the Torch will be welcomed on 10th March at the Sacro Speco of Subiaco and on 17th in Cassino, in both circumstances escorted by the running groups of the three cities. On Wednesday, 20th March, the torch will reach Norcia, thus concluding the following day the Benedictine religious and civil demonstrations held simultaneously in the three cities.

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