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On the occasion of the two thousandth anniversary of the Roman commander's death, the Municipality of Amelia, which preserves the wonderful and unique bronze statue of him in armour - with the patronage of MIBACT, the Region of Umbria and the contribution of the Carit Foundation - will dedicate an entire year to the celebrations for the two-thousandth anniversary of Germanicus Caesar.

It will be a year full of initiatives related to the history, culture as well as food and wine of Amelia and its territory, with the event of 22nd March where Valerio Massimo Manfredi will be a guest at the Social Theatre, until the exhibition at the Archaeological Museum and Art Gallery which will be inaugurated exactly on 10th October, the date of the general's death, passing through the International Conference entitled "Germanicus Caesar ... a step away from the empire" of 24-25 May.

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