Easter's offers Section

Easter's offers

Discover the latest offers and unmissable seasonal discounts to organize your Easter in Umbria and take advantage of the close Bank Holidays of 25th April and 1st May to treat yourself to a few more days of vacation!


Spring is for sure one of the best periods to discover Umbria: the longer days and the increasing temperature give new lights and colours to the beautiful landscapes of the Italian Green Heart.

Easter initiates spring with its traditions, many of whom, in Umbria, are rooted in a far past that brings to the present day deeply felt religious celebrations as well as rural habits that are unique in Italy.

For your stay in Umbria in the Easter period we recommend you participate in the celebrations of the Holy Week, but also take part in the typical Easter’s breakfast which includes eggs and the Easter’s cheese cake.

This celebration will allow you to take a closer look at some of the most fascinating aspects of Umbria: the religious devotion and the folklore tradition.