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Let us be your base to discover Umbria
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Our tranquil farm 5km from the E45 is the perfect location to recharge after a busy day of sightseeing in nearby towns like Assisi, Gubbio and Perugia.
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Pozzo dei Cocci agriturismo is part of the Agricrevelli farm, a relatively small farm with just a few hectares of land. The farm located in the small village of Morleschio, overlooking the Ventia valley. The Ventia River is a tributary of the Tiber. In the spring, it is sizzling with water coming from the snow-covered Apennine Mountains nearby and during the summer, it almost dries out. Century old oak trees and a rich wild life surround the house. In the spring, you can pick wild asparagus and in the autumn, the small forest is full of mushrooms. It is possible to encounter wild boar, fox, wild rabbits and pheasants while taking a walk around the premises.The farm and agriturismo is run by the Scattolin family. In the late 90s Rina and Pierluigi left Veneto for Umbria, they swopped a suburban life with office jobs for countryside living. Last year, their son Giulio with family also moved here to take the company to the next level. There is also the two family dogs, Rudy and Cloe, and a dozen or so hens.The old house present on the farm was too run down to renovate and the old stables too small for an agriturismo, therefore in 2005 the building of a new house started. The majority of the Arenaria stones used for the façade comes from the original house and the architecture is based on a traditional Umbrian farmhouse. Pozzo dei Cocci opened its doors in 2010. The whole of the ground floor is for guests and on the second floor there is two private apartments for the family. In the basement, the wine and oil production is taking over more space every year.Pierluigi had always had an interest for wine and Giulio was studying to be a winemaker, so of course a vineyard was planted in 1998. Below the old stables the Sangiovese grapes are still growing, the traditional red grape in the area. In 2017 a second vineyard was planted, and in 2019 there will be the first harvest of white Grecchetto grapes.There was a few olive trees already on the farm; it is inevitable in this area. Over the years, more have been added and there is now over 200 olive trees.