Festival colours and sounds in Umbria

Have you ever heard the heavy breathing of galloping horses? The lance spearing the ring followed by a resounding applause. Have you ever listened to the notes of a sax during a street concert? Were you ever touched by the delicate harmony of a ballet?
Umbria is a never-ending spectacle.


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Sensational Umbria: itineraries in the footsteps of Steve McCurry

Based on the seven themes Steve McCurry developed during his photographic campaign in Umbria, a series of itineraries take the visitor on a discovery tour of Umbria in a new way: in the footsteps of a man who has turned travel into a dimension of life.

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Tourism Proposals

A series of conventional and non-conventional proposals to explore an Umbria you didn't know existed. Do you prefer to travel in a camper, on a motorbike or bicycle? Do you have a passion for art or imagine an adventurous vacation of rafting, hang-gliding and mountain biking? Or would you prefer to simply relax and enjoy the fine food and wine? Get some great ideas from our suggestions.

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Calendar of main events

Great events, music, shows, historical re-enactments and peasant feasts: the calendar of events not to be missed – 365 days a year. 

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Découvrez l’Ombrie qui vous plaît