Celebrazioni religiose

The “Focaracci” or “Fuochi della Venuta” in the Valnerina

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Cascia, Monteleone di Spoleto
01 décembre 2018-06 janvier 2019 

There are the artificial and natural lights, such as the fires. The “Focaracci” or “Fuochi della Venuta” in the Valnerina are a moment of high inspiration to celebrate the Transfer of the Lady of Nazareth’s Holy House in 1294, when Muslims occupied the town and angels, according to the local tradition, removed the building from the ground and moved it flying to Recanati. 

Since then fires have been lighted every year to illuminate the darkness and the angels’ path, in almost all municipalities.

Particularly inspiring is the Focone of Monteleone that takes place in the medieval square of the village on the 9th December on the occasion of the ritual of the “"Farro di S. Nicola" (Nicola is the patron saint of the village) on the Saint’s anniversary’s Eve in order to recall the miracle attributed by the tradition to St. Nicola who, when he passed by Monteleone, would have been impressed with the poverty of its inhabitants and would have given the spelt to the poor people in order to feed them. The permanence of this unusual ritual encouraged the continuity of the spelt’s cultivation in Monteleone, so to become a distinctive mark of this territory.

Cascia will host again, from 8 December 2018 to 20 January 2019, “From the Bonfire to the Pasquarelle”, a traditional event also including the 15th Cribs’ Festival, the Big Fire of the Arrival on the 9th December, the living cribs and lastly the event “Tradition, what for a passion!” that is going to take place from the 18th to the 20th January, the same date when the 43rd Interregional Festival of the Pasquarelle will take place.

The celebration will therefore include traditions, folklore, but also music, food and wine. 

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