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The Narni Ring Race - The Revenge

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13-22 septembre 2019 

From September 13 to 22, the Narni Ring Race doubles with the Revenge. This time, during the race, the “Terziere” of Mezule and the one of Santa Maria will try to take their revenge on the “Terziere” of Fraporta which won the challenge on May 12.

A series of events will run in ten days of celebration that will culminate with the equestrian race at the "Campo de li Giochi" (playground), preceded by a great historical procession.

The Revenge will be dedicated to the Madonna Assunta (Virgin Mary assumed into heaven). 
According to the statutes, this celebration was the most heartfelt event in Narni, after the feast of the patron of the city (San Giovenale).

It is precisely for this reason that in the evening preceding the equestrian race (September 21st) there will be a suggestive offer of the candles in the Cathedral in honor of the Virgin and a procession of the nobles and the people in medieval dress, following the religious ceremony.

Unlike the challenge of May during which every “Terziere” blessed his knights in the local church on different days, this time a common blessing will take place with a suggestive ceremony in the Cathedral of Narni. On the occasion of the religious event, the sacred representation entitled "Donna de Paradiso" and written by Jacopone da Todi will be staged.

On September 13, the event will start with the passage of the auctioneer as usual. Starting from this moment, bakeries and taverns will open and many other events will take place in the following days: lots of positive emotions and surprises are waiting for you.

The Revenge will also feature exhibitions, concerts, shows, performances by members of the “Terzieri” and gastronomic events.

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