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Via Giovanni da Chiavano 1 - 06043 Cascia
Scheggino was built by the Duchy of Spoleto to defend one of the three bridges over the Nera river, thus serving as an outpost. Historical reports tell of a victorious resistance to a siege (1522) attempted by the condottiere Picozzo Brancaleoni, who failed to breach the walls and fortifications built in the 11th and 12th centuries.
The old agricultural center of "Schiginum" came into being in the 18th century around the Castle, enclosed by triangular walls and with a keep at the top, the primitive structure of which can still be seen today. Sights right in the historic center include the Church of San Nicolò, dating from the 13th century and entirely redone during the 1500s, with fine frescoes in the apse attributed to Spagna, and the Church of Santa Felicita, which is astonishing for its primitive style despite its having been built in the Romanesque period, causing it to be erroneously attributed to the Lombard period. The area offers a truly unique landscape, due to the distinct beauty of the Nera valley in this location: the splendid Valcasana springs, which flow out of the ground not far from the village, are just one example of the wonderful show offered by nature in this area.