Memorial Museum, Assisi 1943 -1944

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Piazza del Comune 22 - 06081 Assisi

Set in the halls of the Vallemani Palace's Municipal Picture Gallery first floor, the "Memorial Museum, Assisi 1943 - 1944" tells the story of 300 Hebrews rescued thanks to the Assisi's Franciscan welcoming spirit. 

The exhibition collects unpublished documents, pictures, acknoledgments, essays and objects about that terrible historical period represented by the second world war, when displaced people from all over Italy and Europe arrived to the Seraphic town to ask for help, and about the different characters who helped personally and rescued Hebrews; this and much more. The exhibition is created and supervised by Marina Rosati, with texts of Annabella Donà and made by the Opera Casa Pope John, foundation of Assisi's Curia.

From Don Aldo Brunacci, already founder of the Opera Casa John, to the then Bishop Monsignor Giuseppe Placido Nicolini, who pulled the strings of the underground organization who raised spontaneously, from Fater Rufino Niccacci, minor friar and guardian father of St. Damiano's convent, to the Podestà of Assisi Arnaldo Fortini, from the German Colonel Muller to the conventual friar Father Michele Todde: these and many others who helped to rescue the life of many people, otherwise destined to be deported, are among the many characters recalled in the exhibition.

One important area is also dedicated to Luigi and Trento Brizi, the Assisi's printers who printed the false documents for Hebrews and the ancient printing machine with drawers, cutter and stamps is exhibited together with pictures and acknowledgments.

The exhibition, in two languages (Italian - English), develops across four halls and, beyond the writings, also includes a video section with interviews to some of the protagonists, collected before their disappearance, that tell directly about what they did to rescue Hebrews, beyond focuses on the historical period. 

Opening hours

The exhibition is open every day according to the opening hours of Assisi's Municipal Picture Gallery

November - February

10.30 am - 1 pm/ 2 pm - 5 pm every day

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June - August

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September and October

10 am  - 1 pm/ 2.30 - 6 pm every day

Closed on the 25th December and 1st January


Memorial Museum

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