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Clitunno Sources in Campello sul Clitunno

Wedding spots: the most romantic Umbrian places where vowing the most beautiful promise

Wedding spots: the most romantic Umbrian places where vowing the most beautiful promise

It’s an unforgettable moment in the life: the marriage proposal’s day.

The place where saying the fateful yes is a spot remaining in the memory forever that deserves an important and well-thought choice: Umbria with its landscape shape and its beautiful cities as well as fascinating villages with inspiring alleys is the perfect location.

Let’s start from the Terni area, the town of St. Valentine patron of lovers, where the Piediluco lake is located: it’s a water surface at the foot of Marmore waterfalls. It is said that, when one reaches the lake’s centre, the voice produces such a powerful echo to be heard within a radius of many metres. Then why don’t you make resound your marriage proposal until the Piediluco picturesque village of coloured houses?

The Marmore Waterfalls are very known because one of the balconies from which you can admire the waterfall’s jumps is called “Balcony of Lovers”: a small window accessible by crossing the Lovers’ Tunnel. The legend narrates that St. Valentine, in order to demonstrate the Nerina’s purity, called into question from the partner, bet the cliff with the pastoral stick so to produce a jet of water with the shape of a bride’s veil.

Always in the province of Terni there is Orvieto standing on a tufa cliff. The entire city, just as the beautiful Dome, seems to stand until reaching the sky: the Dome’s square is an original and inspiring setting for the marriage proposal, especially in the night, when the colours of the church’s façade soften emitting a dim and romantic light.

With the nice weather, one of the Umbria most romantic spots is certainly the Trasimeno lake: sunsets that you can admire from the villages standing on its banks (Passignano sul Trasimeno, San Feliciano, Tuoro sul Trasimeno and Castiglione del Lago) assume always different and surprising colours according to the season and the climate of the moment. A very romantic experience is then the visit to the Main Island located at the centre of the lake. An inspiring fishing village, accessible by ferry, stands on the island; in this context, the ideal place for your “yes” is one of the catwalks that face the lake and that, exactly at sunset, fill with an intense and very beautiful light.

Spello is located between Assisi and Foligno and is one of the most beautiful Umbrian villages: if you want to ask your partner in marriage during the spring, you will find the inspiring alleys of the village rich in flower decorations that will bring you, a bit early, directly to the most important day of your life.

Weeping willows, a water surface surrounded by total silence, a Greek temple-shaped church: it’s the atmosphere that you can breathe at the Clitunno Sources in Campello sul Clitunno. This place inspired poets and scholars such as Pliny the Younger, Virginio, Lord Byron and Carducci. Then why don’t you get inspired by this magic place for a love declaration?